$2000 Computer!! BEST PC BUILD OF 2018!!!

 Intro: All of the parts that I have chosen were specifically for two main things; they were to be able to play any game maxed out settings at any resolution and also be able to do professional work. If you are going to use this computer just for gaming and light editing then you shouldn’t even think about getting this computer. Because this computer is equipped with high-end parts for professional use such as movie creation and extreme tasks. Instead, you should be getting the other computer that I had made a review on which was the $1000 gaming computer which was able to play any game at either maxed out settings or ultra/very-high while always staying above 60fps.


CPU: The Intel i7-8700k processor has 6 cores and 12 threads which makes this an amazing and a bit overkill for gaming so, this can also be a photo/video editing computer. Its base clock speed is 3.7Ghz and can be turbo boosted up to 4.7Ghz which makes it a much faster and enjoyable experience for everyday use. This CPU makes render times much faster due to the boost clock and because all six cores are being utilized to speed up the process.


CPU Cooler: The H100i v2 Liquid cooler by Corsair keeps the CPU at an extremely moderate temperature so, that while you are using very demanding tasks on the CPU it does not overheat. Since this is an unlocked processor (can overclock) and we will be overclocking we will need to have a much higher cooling power instead of the stock cooler which won’t be enough once we overclock this monster. Improved cold plate and pump design: better efficiency gives you lower temperatures with less noise. 240mm dual-fan radiator: more surface area for superior cooling performance. Integrated RGB lighting illuminates your system with a range of customizable effects. Corsair Link software allows you to adjust RGB lighting, fan speeds, and pump speed while monitoring CPU and coolant temperatures, and more.


GPU: The EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 SC GAMING 8GB GDDR5 is an extremely powerful graphics card which will future proof your computer and it can run any game at maxed out settings with a resolution of 1440p or 4k while still achieving that smooth 60fps+ experience. And for editing this beast paired with the amazing overclock capacity of the high-end motherboard and CPU can render a 10min 4k raw video file in just 5min.


Motherboard: The high-end Asus Strix Z370-E GAMING is equipped with four ram slots and two GPU slots. You can put up to 64gb of ram in and can also have two GPU’s in SLI for double the performance. If you were to fill all of the ram slots with 3600Mhz ram the performance will change from 3600Mhz-4000Mhz, and even if you are a professional designer and need high-speed memory then this will be overkill. The default CPU frequency overclock that is on this motherboard is 1.5x faster, and the BCLK range is 4.32x faster from the default speed.


Ram: The ram that I have chosen is Corsair’s Vengeance RGB 16GB at a clock speed of 3000Mhz. A broad range of lighting configurations to complement the style of your system. Corsair Link enables fully programmable lighting effects, Memory monitoring, and additional integration with other Corsair products. Allows for a clean, seamless integration and heat spreader. Improves thermal conductivity and appearance. Superior overclocking potential.


Storage:  I have picked the fastest hard drive for this computer to store all of your games and files. I have chosen 3TB of space because especially when you are creating 4k video files they take up 10’s of gigabytes of space and if you do a lot of 4k work then this is an ideal choice for you. I also picked up the Samsung 860 EVO 500GB so that your boot up times for Windows, Google, Photoshop, and other important programs will provide a much faster experience to speed up the process of everything.


Power Supply: The Corsair 750W Power supply can power all of these parts and can handle much more for later upgrades which makes this PSU future-proof. 80 Plus Platinum: Runs cooler and uses less power than less efficient power supplies. Fully Modular: Allows the user to only use the cables they need for a cleaner looking build with better airflow. 10-year warranty so if you get a defected PSU or if it breaks down over time you can easily substitute it without having to pay. Virtually silent operation at low loads.


Case: The Corsair Crystal Series 570X RGB is equipped with four tempered glass panels on the front, top, and sides of the case and integrated RGB. Routing channels with included Velcro cable straps for clean cable management / Easy-access high-speed USB 3.0 front panel. Bright white LED backlit CORSAIR logo on front panel.



CPU: https://amzn.to/2Kvech8

CPU COOLER: https://amzn.to/2I9THIc

GPU: https://amzn.to/2JLJj6K

MOTHERBOARD: https://amzn.to/2KvIwIv

RAM: https://amzn.to/2rgn41S

STORAGE: https://amzn.to/2res2LT

POWER SUPPLY: https://amzn.to/2revcjz

CASE: https://amzn.to/2rg07vG


Source: https://everythingbouttechnology.com/