Mobile Operating System Comparison – Part TWO

Hey there! This is the second and final post for’s Mobile Operating System Comparison series.

Today, we will discuss several features that belong to an operating system and we will give a hypothesis on the best operating system for that certain feature.


Only on Android but works on iOS for Education subscription.

Guest Mode

Only on selected versions of Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

Common API

Common API(s) are only on Android, Windows Mobile and Sailfish OS.

App Store Pricing for Developers

Blackberry 10 and Sailfish OS offer free app store publishing. Android charges $25 for a lifetime, iOS charges $99 per year and Windows Mobile charges $20 for lifetime individual and $99 for lifetime company.

Browser/Web Browsing

All the operating systems have excellent web browsers however the best operating system for web browsing is Sailfish OS.


The best operating system for email is BlackBerry 10. The best operating system for messaging is Android. However, all the operating systems have this feature.


The best default keyboard is in iOS, however, Android and Sailfish OS both have highly powerful keyboards.


The best default maps or GPS software is in Windows Mobile but Android is also very good.

Media player

The best default media player is on Android but both iOS and Windows Mobile have decent features. In the matter of a camera gallery, the best operating system will be either iOS or Windows Mobile.


Android, iOS and KaiOS are the best for productivity but varies by device.


Android is the obvious choice.

Security and Privacy

Blackberry 10 is far ahead compared to the other operating systems in the security matter.

Default Parental Controls or Restrictions

Best on all active iOS devices but also on all the other operating systems except for Sailfish OS.


Operating systems (as mentioned in our previous article) ranked:

  1. Android
  2. Blackberry 10
  3. iOS
  4. KaiOS
  5. Sailfish OS
  6. Windows Mobile
  7. Symbian OS

If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to simply leave a reply at the bottom. Thanks again!